Thousand Oaks
Art Gallery

Digital Photography Workshop for Beginners
with Armando Picciotto and Geri Brown

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A Two Day Workshop.

Day One  - Three Hours
You  will learn the basic functions of your digital camera and the basic
principles of composition

Day Two  - Three Hours

We will take a field trip to a local site to practice what you learned so
you can get hands on experience.  Armando and Geri will assist you to
dramatically improve the quality of your photo images.

Maximum workshop size  -  Five (5) participants.  

Bring your camera and the camera’s manual to the workshop and be
prepared to shoot.

Workshop Cost $100 per day.

For more information or to sign up for the class, contact:

Armando Picciotto          510-289-1127
Geri Brown                       510-918-0621

Or drop by the Gallery at 1
749 Solano Avenue, Berkeley, Ca. (Tues-
Sun 11am-6pm)